Inspiration & Design

When I photograph a wedding I’m inspired by what I see happening on the day, the backstories, and the more characterful situations that show the subtleties of our experiences. I feel this is part of what allows me to sensitively capture photographs which are specifically meaningful to my clients, rather than just a photo that could be from anyone’s wedding. Behind this, my inspiration comes from my approach, and the artists such as Dorothy Bohm, E.V. Crowe, Martin Parr, Jessica Lange, who’s work helps inform my eye.

So when it comes to creating a wedding album for my clients, that they’ll love and care for, my process is somewhat similar. Above all, I believe you have to present the meaningful content in a thoughtful and intelligent way. Why have photographs that are intensely personal and important to you, only to hide them amongst overlays or crowded out by clumsy design?

The very thought of that pulls a knot to my stomach.

After considering content, narrative and aesthetics, my design is partly inspired by the likes of Sandra Zellmer, Kate Hepburn, Grita Rose-Innes, Sam Shahid.

I feel it’s vital to look outside of your medium or industry for such inspiration; as it leads to a more informed, thoughtful way of working. Otherwise, I think you’re too likely to ‘mimic’, rather than engage with a refined, deliberate and conscious approach.