I’ve taken a step into the past by pursuing the 150-year-old traditional silver halide photographic paper, as it is still the ultimate in quality output. This gives us the richest colours, the deepest tonal depth, and ensures your album will not fade or tear.

It’s not a flash-in-the-pan, but something that will look just as good in 10 or 20 years time as it does today. A choice of full-grain, high-grade European leathers, Harris tweed, or even the more modern, vegan-friendly linen finish, add a real touch of class.

The Fine Art albums are loved by my clients, easily becoming the most popular choice since released. The high grade fine art cotton papers have been associated more so with Giclée fine art prints used by museums, galleries and artists alike.

All my albums are constructed by hand, with several stages of quality control, all by skilled craftsmen, including my final seal of approval. They typically take 3 weeks to arrive after the date of submission.

“He took his time to really understand what we wanted from our album and put together something which we will cherish for the rest of our lives.”


With me, an album is not an afterthought. I begin planning your albums long before the day even begins, and on the actual day, I’m visualising how the history of your lives and the stories that unfold will fit into a cohesive, emotive album. I’ve refined my process of creation to ensure every single album I make exudes the character of each wedding, each couple, each family – there is no cookie-cutter, automated approach.

Just honest care and attention.

I love how a single image can hold such personal meaning, which I feel work best on their own as a fine art print. Yet when you see these together in your wedding album, it gives us the context. It puts the subtleties alongside pivotal moments and allows you to powerfully relive the experience.

My wedding albums aren't misplaced.

96.75% rate
of excellence

Looking back over the past 24 months, my albums have a 96.75% rate of excellence. This means that once I've taken delivery, 96.75% of them have been handed over to my clients as they're perfect.

So what about the other 3.25% that didn't pass? These go back and are re-built or re-printed. This way, when my clients receive their album, they're nothing short of the standard that I set.

Unlike most other places, once my albums are printed, bound and assembled... I personally oversee my 5-point inspection. 

Sure, my system for ensuring my albums are excellent takes a little longer than just pressing "go" and having everything automated. There are undoubtedly quicker ways of doing this (that I'm well aware of).

But for me, they're just not good enough. 

I demand the best.

Inspired Design

Creating a wedding album with meaningful photographs, that you'll cherish and care for requires thoughtful design...