• Do you feel it's important to thoroughly live and experience
    every moment of your wedding day?

    Don't want to waste your time creating 'standard pose' pictures?


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“I had nightmares of prolonged ‘photo-shoots’ that take up hours of the day
where everyone gets very bored and hungry!”

“Thank goodness we chose you…”

“…we could focus our attention on our guests and on enjoying ourselves.”









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Wedding Photographer Shropshire

Based in Shropshire for much of the time, but available wherever you are making your wedding plans. I’m more than familiar with a huge variety of different wedding venues and locations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch wherever and whatever your plans are. How ever it is your plans take place, my promise to you is to never ask you to jump, hold your bouquet in front of your face, run around with balloons, or any other cookie-cutter type approach you might have seen – where everybody does the same strange things for the sake of the camera. I wouldn’t want to waste your time with that, and I’m pretty sure you know how to have a good time without a camera directing you.