Artful photography that isn't just about you,

but the people with you who make the occasion.

Your wedding is a symbolic life-event which perfectly frames how much your loved ones mean to you. A time to show your appreciation of how your life is undeniably richer and more enjoyable alongside them.

It's never just about two people.

For me, a wedding day must be photographed discreetly and with intelligence. If a photographer were to dictate proceedings and force you into the same poses you’ve seen everywhere else, I believe it would completely compromise this unscripted day in your life with what that person thinks all weddings should look like.

And I just can’t create the idea of a ‘standard wedding photo’ or something that will be outdated in a couple of years. That would be far too impersonal.

I see things differently.

I see the people and the occasion with real honesty and love. With knowing what these images can and will become in your life, and how they will be rediscovered by your children, and grandchildren.

Take this image below. Fiona’s grandfather had handmade an extraordinary amount of raspberry jam for her wedding day as a gift for each guest, but unfortunately he wasn’t well enough to make the journey. Instead, they made time to visit him and have their own personal celebration. I feel the gesture and effort of visiting and involving him even more in the day, on the actual wedding day, speaks enormously of the occasion and the people.

And I think that's key.

My work is here to show your inward significance, with an awareness of time and yourself passing through the world. An insight into the thoughts and feelings you share only with those who you love.

Would you like to create real memories on your wedding day? Then I'd love to hear from you / 0753 4494 733.

“You made us feel at ease and seemed to ‘get us’ from day one”

Amanda Wilkinson, Shropshire/UK

“You captured subtle moments masterfully”

Matthew Nicolson, London/UK

“He is not just a mere photographer, but an artist”

Mari & Chris Warburton, Tokyo/Japan

“We felt so relaxed knowing that you were creatively capturing our day and that we could focus our attention on our guests and on enjoying ourselves”

Rebecca Farrington, Montgomery/UK

“We were utterly blown away and continually have guests contact us to say how impressed they are”

Jennifer Doran & Gyula Toth (Designer & Architect), Sydney/Australia 

“The emotions and scenes he framed were priceless, authentic”

Sara Swenson & Michael Price (Singer-Songwriter & Director), Kansas/USA

“We are totally over the moon with the photographs you took of our wedding”

Chrissie Dallas-Cowan, London/UK

“Our guests and family were in awe when we were able to share the photographs with them. We genuinely feel our wedding day through your photos”

Kris & Matthew Bucknall, Shropshire/UK

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”


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