Jen & Gyula, Sydney


We wanted photos that looked like ‘our’ wedding.
Not a generic wedding that didn’t capture anything personal to us.

We could not recommend Richard more as a wedding photographer.
His talent far succeeds any expectations we had. It was our good fortune to find him!


Featured Weddings

Holly & Peter

This summer wedding is set in a beautiful village where Peter grew up in Lincolnshire. I do love that the setting itself is a place of personal meaning as it adds that extra dimension to the

Lucy & Richard

This winter wedding is set in a recently converted barn, on Richard’s family farm in Staffordshire. It has a fascinating mix of the rustic outdoors, a black-tie evening and candle-lit, outdoor


I look a little deeper than the surface…

Beyond the shoes, the clothes, the decorations.

You may have many beautiful things on your wedding day

And they will give such a personal touch

But the real photographs are with the people you love and care for.

Not just each other, but the family and friends all around you.

Feel the same way? I’d love to hear from you.