Gemma & Robert

An intimate celebration of love.

I was really taken back by the level of personal detail and meaning that Gemma & Robert put into their wedding day. And I think it really shows... when the occasion isn't there just to 'show off' to friends, to 'treat' work colleages, or for one person to be the centre of attention... but when every element of the day is intertwined with beautiful ideas that mean something to you both. Where all the guests share a personal history with you. That's when the day becomes an intimate celebration of love, and is such an honor to be able to photograph.

A really lovely moment that stood out - in the late afternoon, Gemma & Robert surprised her parent's with a carved oak post inscribed with a thank you.

Their entire wedding day was held at the family home Gemma grew up in. I've been fortunate to photograph many weddings at family homes, and I absolutely love the symbolic placement of the day.