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The truth about Scripted Reality Wedding Photos

Over almost ten years of photographing weddings, I’ve got the impression many people don’t immediately know the difference between scripted reality and the experience of a real life moment at their wedding. They’re often compared, as if they were similar things… … and I don’t believe they are in anyway comparable. They are complete opposites….

A favourite, from all the weddings you’ve ever photographed?

It’s tricky to pick just one photo from all the hundreds of weddings I’ve been commissioned to photographed. And I’m not being blasé when I say “hundreds”. As I edge towards ten years photographing my clients intimate celebrations, it’s just a natural accumulation. I genuinely love being able to photograph my clients in some of the…

Using an Historic Camera for Photographing Everyday Family Life

The Leica is the iconic “everywhere” camera. It took the place of much larger and cumbersome cameras, which rooted people to tripods and lengthily procedures to produce a single image. Used by iconic photographers such as Elliot Erwitt, Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson (H.C.B). Due to its discrete size, it was often taken to places…