Could you share a little about why you wanted these photos in the first place? And how they'll fit into your life? We first met Richard when we asked him to take our wedding photos. We were absolutely delighted with the results and have had so many comments about how beautiful they are; my sister and several friends also booked him for their weddings after seeing them! We have since had a daughter and thought about getting some professional family portraits done, but Richard's photography is so much more representative of our life together and the sort of people we are.

How did you find the overall experience?: The experience was fun. Richard slotted into our family for the day, coming with us for a walk and joining us for lunch. The whole day was very relaxed.

What did you like about the photos I made for you?: That they showed us being relaxed and comfortable in our own home. They captured silly moments, affectionate moments and moments of tears (our daughters) and despair (ours)! I love the one of Alice reaching out for the cake.


Could you share a little about why you wanted these photos in the first place? And how they'll fit into your own life? I'd say the first reason is the arrival of our daughter Belle. It was so important for me to capture these moments of her as a baby, because like everyone says, they're gone in the blink of an eye. To have things like nap time, splashing in the bath and swinging at the park captured is absolutely invaluable. These moments make up our everyday and to have them recorded for all of time is priceless. We also have family that lives in the U.S. that don't get to see our girl on a day-to-day basis. This photoshoot gives them a glimpse into her life, particularly moments we may not have captured ourselves.

How did you find the overall experience?: It was a very relaxed and comfortable day. At times I was thinking, we are so boring! But what you captured is a perfect example of a relaxed Sunday in our home.

What did you like about the photos I made for you?: The photos are truly us. No fluff, no over the top setup. They show new parents, who's Sunday is run entirely by their little girl and are filled with so much love and comfortability. We love the photo of Belle being held in the air between the 2 of us, both of us looking up at her. It's a perfect image of our lives at the moment. We are enamoured by her in every way and that picture explains it perfectly. Also, the one of Belle and I in the rocking chair. I never thought I'd get a photo of that moment, but it's something I never want to forget.

For my Family Originals, I’m currently only photographing previous wedding clients or accepting new clients through referral from certain past clients. This way, we’ve already got to know each other and have enjoyed fantastic experiences together.

If you’ve been referred to me by a friend or family, please use the form below or call me directly. And let me know who referred you.

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