The Everyday Photographer

I’ve lived in Shropshire my whole life, from a very young age I’ve always enjoyed exploring the environment, although today I search for a different type of treasure!

“Reflection” Norwich, Norfolk
Samsung EX1
A strong connection to the world around me is at the heart of my landscape photography, which is why it’s always been far more expressive for me. Sharing time and thought in an environment that feels so familiar allows a certain level of receptiveness, both outwards and inwards. For me, this sort of photography can be quite time consuming, methodical and emotive… and sometimes more rewarding too.
I grew up using SLRs, so this is essentially all I’ve ever used and what I use to this day. These are by nature, quite large, heavy, regardless of what sort of lens or body you use. You can get quite small ones these days, but it’s still not something you can reasonably carry with you unless photography is on the agenda. So it’s been quite refreshing using a ‘compact camera’ these last few months, one that I can fit inside my jacket pocket so that I’m unaware it’s even there with me. Without photography on the mind, looking for things to capture or create, it allows moments and elements to fall to you more naturally in some ways.
“Settling Back” Nr Hopton Wafers, Kidderminster
Samsung EX1
Certainly, there is a level of ‘quality’ that is sacrificed with a smaller device like this, but like most things, you have to accept the limitations and play to it’s strengths. It can be quite an unexpected reward. I will say this: get your exposure right in camera, and process it well, and you’ll struggle to see the differences between it and a much larger format camera. But picking over the little things will bury you, so embrace the freedom and I hope you have as much fun as I have.
 “Faces in the Alley” Norwich, Norfolk
 Samsung EX1

UPDATE February 2016. 

At the end of 2015, I launched a new website exclusively featuring my personal photography: