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It’s a phrase you may have heard thrown around in the past couple of years, as it’s certainly grown in popularity. Should I consider having an unplugged wedding? Absolutely! It should absolutely be something you consider, so let’s first look at what it means so you can make your own mind up. This also applies […]

Wow, I’ve heard a lot of amazing speeches over the years! I kid-you-not, some have genuinely left tears-of-laughter in my eyes. There surely isn’t a better time to share with all your friends the journey of how you both came to be, or what it means for you all to be here? And really, while […]

In the days where we have almost anything you can think of at your fingertips 24hrs a day, the urgency to make things as quickly and as cheaply as possible is ever present. So when someone decides to break that trend people tend to notice. Because it’s the easiest thing to be the sheep that […]

Quite often I get a call from someone who is getting married asking me about the copyright to their future wedding photos. Do I own the copyright to my wedding photos? This question usually comes down to four things: Will I be able to print my own wedding photos? Will there be a watermark on my own […]

Outdoor weddings are on the rise. I’ve noticed an increase in interest over the past couple of years, but just take a look at any wedding blog/magazine and you’ll see. And why not? Getting married married outdoors sounds fabulous! A stunning landscape; the sun kissing your skin, the breeze in your hair, birds singing! While I […]