I spoke to a lovely bride-to-be last week and who shared how she felt a little overwhelmed with planning her wedding. What exactly to have and choose, where to put everyone, what to do?!

I think we’ve all been there?

It’s sort of like thinking about “Where can we do the photos?” before you’ve hired a photographer.

I feel it’s a little premature but I understand it is easy to get ahead of oneself. If it were me, I would think less about the Where and the What and more about the Who and the Why. As once you understand these, everything else will be easy.

I’ve found there is a bit of a myth out there suggesting wedding photography is almost entirely about the location.

I find it completely understandable that most people might think this… as I’ve lost count of the number of times people tell me other photographers “just take the same photos”. “It’s like looking at the same image over, and over again”. And you know something they almost always have in common? [Read More…]

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There is something about the formality of a first dance which can sometimes make it less interesting compared to what can be found later in the day. And when I say less interesting, I mean in a way that people can sometimes feel more aware and be less themselves, in a small way. Which is why it always surprises me when couples call me asking for coverage “up to the first dance”. Is there some great significance I am missing? Because I’ve been to a lot of different weddings and reading the atmosphere and the people is always far more significant than an event plotted at an absolute time. And no later! So this image happened much later into the evening, when Jen & Gyula are more free to go and dance and enjoy themselves in their own time. They’re surrounded by friends, family, and that atmosphere which we all love. It’s the timing, the tiny gesture of the hands, and knowing that it’s a real, unscripted happening in their lives which makes it special. [read more…]

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      Richard Harris - Thanks Lauren, this is at Walcot Hall. A really beautiful and unique location, well worth a visit! http://www.walcothall.com/

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