If you’ve been here before you’ll of course notice the reviews people have left. They are all positive, which is what you’d expect, right? This doesn’t mean they’re meaningless. I’d expect positive reviews as well. But if you take note of what people are actually saying, you’ll find it much more useful. These are some things that people have said about me recently…

“We wanted images that would be timeless and not just following the latest photographic styles and Richard delivered exactly what we were looking for…


… to what people say about a photographer.

It’s the same with many things, but what people talk about defines a lot about that person. Good or bad.

A wedding guest recently told me about their wedding photos, and this is paraphrasing, but I’ve heard so many iterations of it over the years the exact quotation is basically redundant:

“We did quite like our wedding photos, but there weren’t any photos of my mum… which was a shame. Quite a few of my shoes though, so that’s nice…” [usually followed by a vacant gaze!]


In the early stages of planning your wedding you’ll start to think about the photography and what you want for your wedding day. You might start to think about the style of photography, and while that can be a useful way of filtering your search, it shouldn’t be the only thing on your check list. And certainly, […]