"Be present in all things and thankful in all things"
- Maya Angelou 

Laura and Josh chose a really beautiful location for their wedding celebration, Henley Hall near Ludlow (Shropshire), which I hadn't been to before but I love the very personal approach from the owners in this very grand location, which genuinely has so much to offer. They had originally planned to have an outdoor ceremony... unfortunately the weather didn't quite agree! But if you've read my blog before, you'll know how I feel about rain on your wedding day - it just doesn't matter. The weather isn't the reason you care so deeply about each other and it's not the reason you're celebrating on this significant day.

So I believe in focusing on the reason why we're all here to celebrate, and in essence, living fully in your own life moments.

Thank you to Josh and Laura for being wonderfully laid back and easy to work for, but also to their family and friends, all such a lovely bunch of people! 

Here are a few photos from the day, which I think show you what a memorable time everyone had... hope you enjoy...

Laura & Josh’s Henley Hall Wedding

I had already chosen my wedding photographer even before I was engaged. I had seen the most beautifully uniquely captured photos that really told a story of their day even though I wasn’t there, I felt like I was through these photos. 

Although we absolutely adore all our images as they are all so unique and captures the emotion and love experienced throughout the day, we do have a couple of favourites. 

My favourite image is one of my Mum and Nan hugging as I was upstairs at the time and unable to see such a one off embrace.

Together our favourite image is one of our first dance photos as it captures a special intimate moment so beautifully. 

Thank you so much Richard for going above and beyond what we could have ever expected from you and for being so comforting throughout the day. You truly have created some photos we will treasure throughout life. 

- Laura & Josh, Shrewsbury/Shropshire