Wedding Factory Awareness

Wedding Planning Tip #1

This is where many of you may begin your wedding planning, by first trying to find the location that’s going to evocate the right atmosphere and mood for your celebrations. It’s not easy, but here’s one little tip that’ll save you a lot of time, hassle and money when doing your research:

– Don’t let your venue dictate planning. Meaning, find a venue who’s management suits your specific desires.

It’s easy to fall in love with picturesque location, but if you’re extremely limited in what you’re actually able to create for the occasion, you’re going to be left quite disappointed by a wedding factory experience.

The most extreme example is the dreaded list of dedicated suppliers which you aren’t allowed to deviate from (or if you do, you’re made to pay excessively for this freedom of choice). But in a simpler way, it can just be about having a real conversation where you’re listened to and all the possibilities are discussed. As absolutely everything you had in mind may not always be possible for logical reasons, but if you’re dismissed off hand and led into the “factory mentality”, be very aware.

This is why I feel a new perspective is particularly useful when you begin your research into venues and locations. Do the regular things like drawing up a list of desires and important questions to ask – but also approach it as if you’re interviewing your venue for the prospect of hosting your wedding. And that’s not to be taken in a pretentious way, just in the sense of knowing you’re getting into a relationship with a venue that will really be able to deliver on how you wish to experience your wedding day.