Plan for Quality Time

Wedding Planning Tip #4

Time doesn’t just appear on your wedding day (it actually goes very quickly)… you have to plan for it.

Something I hear down the grapevines from other weddings, or through my client’s experiences at friend’s weddings, is the surprise at how little they actually get to see the newly married couple on the day. Their disappointment at the minimal quality time they actually get to spend with loved ones because the couple were darting around to different events or locations the whole day. Or because they were on on hour long photo shoots, or constantly being dragged away by the photographer for more photos.

And I get what they mean.

As your wedding day is there to celebrate a new beginning in your relationship, but where would you both be without the people who make up the history of your lives? Doesn’t it make sense that you’d want to spend as much quality time with them as possibly, sharing old stories… making new ones?

I guess this is just where my clients see their weddings a bit differently to most people.

They’d rather live the occasion and share it, than just run jump through hoops to get that same photo everyone else has.

So if, like my clients, you’re putting your guests high on your list, make sure you leave enough time in the day to actually catch up with them. And that you’re not to be missing on a long list of wedding photos. You need to *design* the day to incorporate your guests in thoughtful and natural way, so that you can actually relax and spend time with them.

This is where good planning and having a photographer who suits your vision is key.