Indecision means Inadequate

Wedding Planning Tip #3

If you’re unsure of what to choose for your wedding, be it the perfect location, photographer, or caterer, you haven’t found the *right* location or person.
That may sound staggeringly simple but let’s break this down for a moment.

I spoke to someone planning their wedding yesterday who mentioned how she found it difficult doing her initial research into wedding venues because of her guests and family being so spread out across the world, and as so many venues just felt like a production line: impersonal and corporate. This lead her to consider alternatives and eventually an unorthodox location right by where she grew up – somewhere already routed in her personal family history.

This is when the decision becomes so easy as it’s just inexplicably the only choice that feels right to you.

Let’s compare this to trying to find the right photographer. You may feel like they all “look the same” and take “cringe worthy, over the top photos”. Or if you find yourself comparing a few photographers and not knowing which to pursue. This, without question, means you haven’t found the right person for you. You haven’t connected with the work as you should connect, and you need to broaden your horizon.

You need to love what you find, not merely like it.