Ask the Experts

Wedding Planning Tip #5

When you come to building a plan for your wedding, especially when you’re at the early stages and have more flexibility, don’t shy away from asking the experts you’ve commissioned. 

Assuming you’re commissioning real professionals, they will have years of experience working in their area of expertise and will be able to offer some insight. And on things you may not have even realised too. Would you assume the dessert you have at your wedding breakfast affects the flow of the photography? Or how you use your cocktail hour may determine if you’re able to actually speak to all of your guests? Or even that your desires to have your ceremony photographed may be out of both your hands, and your photographers hands?

Consider that some of the experts you’ve commissioned may actually be with you the whole day, and may have a new perspective on some things which you may not have thought about. It’s time to speak up, ask them! They’ll likely be more than happy to share.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been able to share my experiences and recommendations to clients during a consultation on something not directly related to their wedding photography. (But of course related to their wedding… I’m not *that* old and wise; I don’t live in solitude in the wilderness, to offer spiritual counsel. And I’m definitely not Mystic Meg).

That’s because I’ve done the hard work, photographing all over the UK, working in the grandest of historically significant buildings, to even the family home. Working with all different types of clients; some of who plan from literally half way around the world, putting their trust in my hard earned experience.